Fortnite Shadow Stones Temporarily Disabled Due to Glitch

Fortnite Shadow Stones Temporarily Disabled Due to Glitch

Less than a day into its inclusion, the new Shadow Stone consumable for Fortnite was temporarily removed due to players turning invisible indefinitely.

It didn’t take long for the new Shadow Stones in Fortnite to be temporarily removed from the game—it isn’t too big a surprise, but apparently, the item that allows players to turn invisible had a few problems on day one. The consumable item, a new feature of Season 6 of Fortnite, caused a glitch where players would turn invisible throughout entire matches.

Epic has a history of this; during Season 5, the now-essential Rift Portals were removed due to their own bugs. The game also at one point had problems with its Playground mode, necessitating some changes. And while the Guided Missile is now back, it was only after its own removal and fixes. With that, it shouldn’t be too long a wait for the Shadow Stone to find its way back into the mix.

The Shadow Stone is part of the new season’s theme of “Darkness Rises,” with Halloween-themed new costumes, and locations such as a floating island above Loot Lake and a new Haunted Castle. Juxtaposing the darkness, however, are adorable pets that players can earn and carry on their backs during matches.

Season 6 of Fortnite wasn’t without other launch issues, with Epic Games addressing animation issues and crashes on the Xbox One version on Twitter. Luckily, the open beta that allows PS4 players to interact with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players is working like a charm so far, and the feature will improve with the option for account merging in November.