Fortnite Brings Back Limited Time Modes Team Rumble and Unvaulted Duos

Fortnite Brings Back Limited Time Modes Team Rumble and Unvaulted Duos

Team Rumble, the closest that Fortnite has to a team deathmatch mode, will be back for a limited time, along with another mode with unvaulted weapons.

Epic Games is celebrating the new year by bringing back some older Fortnite game types—for a limited time, Team Rumble is back for the battle royale mode of the game. Joining Team Rumble is another returning mode called Unvaulted, which is only playable in duos.

Team Rumble is basically a version of Team Deathmatch, though with the full player count to bring the battle up to 50 versus 50. Unlike in other gametypes, respawning is available in Team Rumble, with players keeping their old inventories for the next bout after their death.

Unvaulted is what it sounds like—older weapons that were put aside from the game and “vaulted” are back for a limited amount of time. Not all of these weapons will be available, though. The Tactical Submachine Gun, the Bouncers, and Impulse Grenades make a return, but others like the Drum Gun will remain retired for now, it seems.

The Unvaulted mode initially appeared in the “14 Days of Fortnite” event, which Epic Games bungled the communication regarding scheduling for and recently issued an apology. As a more explicit celebration for the new year, Fortnite had an hourly New Year’s event starting at the end of New Year’s Eve.

Players of Fortnite can enjoy season 7 content right now on all platforms the game it is available on, including the PC, Mac, Switch, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android.