Fortnite v17.20 Update Today (July 20) - Servers Down & Patch Notes

Servers will be taken offline for maintenance before the patch is deployed.

By Kyle Knight

July 20, 2021

Fans have been waiting for some weeks for the v17.20 Fortnite update, but the time has finally arrived as it will officially release today (July 20) for all platforms.

The latest Fortnite update is expected to be a big one, with the arrival of preferred item sorting, the brand new Bugha outfit and tournament, plus plenty more surprises arriving today (July 20). Check out the full patch notes for more details on the new features.

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Story Trailer For Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7

Story Trailer For Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7

Fortnite v17.20 Update

v17.20 will be the second major update for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, and will release for all platforms on July 20th.

The big update will bring with it a brand new ‘prefered item sorting’ feature that many fans have been wanting for some time. According to Epic Games, “This setting sort your pick-ups in the inventory slot you designate for more control over what goes where. This new option will be turned On with a default selection for everyone in v17.20.”

More details can be found in the official patch notes.

Server Downtime Schedule

UPDATE: The Fortnite servers are now back online.

According to Epic Games, the Fortnite servers will be taken offline at the following times:

  • 11:30 PM PT (July 19th)
  • 2:30 AM ET (July 20th)
  • 7:30 AM BST (July 20th)

Unfortunately, no official time was given as to how long the server downtime will last. However, we expect it to last for approximately 1 hour based on previous updates.

We will update this article as soon as servers are brought back online.

v17.20 Patch Notes

Check out the official patch notes for the Fortnite v17.20 Update released on July 20 below. These notes were taken from the official Epic Games website.

Patch Notes

The Bugha’s Late Game Arena mode will soon be available in the playlist selection screen. Part of the festivities for Bugha entering the Icon Series, this mode puts players right in the middle of competitive Fortnite. Here’s the rundown!

  • With your Trio, you’ll drop on the Island while the Storm’s already closing in.
  • We’ve collaborated with Bugha to curate nine starting inventories grouped into three team loadouts. Each Trio will be assigned one of these team loadouts at random.
  • As you play, you’ll be able to earn Hype unique to the mode. The players who earn at least 1500 Hype before Bugha’s Late Game Tournament on July 28 will be eligible to participate in the tournament. 

In the Bugha’s Late Game tournament version, qualified players will compete against others in their region for a share of $100,000! Read more in our Bugha Icon Series blog post


Take control of your loadout with the new Preferred Item Slot preferences! Located in the Game tab of the Settings menu, Preferred Item Slots lets you designate which inventory space you want a weapon or item type to go when picked up. 

The default active configuration for Item Slots 1-5 is 1) Assault Rifle | 2) Shotgun | 3) Unassigned | 4) Unassigned | 5) Consumable, but you can retool this to fit your play style. Want Snipers in Slot 3? Hit the “Configure” button and toggle the slot to your preferred weapon type. The next time you loot a Sniper-type item, it’ll be assigned to your third inventory space and hotkey.

Like-for-like items will respect your Preferred Item Slots even if the slot is filled, swapping in the higher-rarity item. For example, loot an Epic Pump Shotgun and it will replace your Uncommon one even if you have something else like Bandages equipped. Preferred Item Slots is only active when you have at least one empty inventory slot, and the “Auto-Sort Consumables to Right” setting will continue to function as normal alongside your preferences.


  • Fixed an issue that caused us to disable Ziplines. Ziplines are now re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused us to disable Rifts obtained from vendors. Vendor Rifts are now re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue involving items being automatically equipped in certain cases when picked up.
  • Fixed an issue involving the Grimey Outfit’s reactivity not working.
  • Fixed an issue involving the button for Arena Division/tournament details being unresponsive on controller.
  • Fixed an issue involving the ‘Hold Inventory button’ Crafting menu shortcut not working. 
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