Fortnite Version 8.40 Adds Air Royale Dogfight Mode, Dog Petting

Fortnite Version 8.40 Adds Air Royale Dogfight Mode, Dog Petting

The latest update brings biplanes back in full force in Fortnite for a limited time mode; plus, you can kind of but not really pet dogs now.

Remember those pesky planes in Fortnite? The latest version 8.40 update is bringing them back for a limited time mode called Air Royale. As one can gather from the name, this mode will have duos of players fly around in biplanes until only one plane remains. Additionally, the update includes the new-ish Infantry Rifle semi-automatic gun.

The Infantry Rifle has been featured in Fortnite before, but what this update brings are new Epic and Legendary variants. But arguably more important is the ability to pet animal companions—well, sort of. You can’t interact with your own pets, who ride in your backpack, but rather those of other players. And even so, the “petting” animation is more of a swipe than an actual pet.

This half-hearted was presumably added in an attempt to appease the larger movement of video games letting players pet good dogs. Fortnite provides a “close enough” solution.

Air Royale has some specific rules to keep in mind: for one, players are not allowed to touch the ground. Doing so will have that duo lose a life, of which they have three. Not only is the circular storm still present, but it also has a ceiling—later in matches, players will have to avoid flying too high. Loot chests and repair kits will fall from the sky or float, and all players have to do is fly through them.

Also in the new update is another limited time mode, called “Food Fight – Deep Fried.” It’s a variation of the older Food Fight mode, which pits two large teams of players against each other to destroy each other’s food mascot—the difference here is that lava will steadily rise, adding an additional sense of urgency.

Players can find the full list of patch notes on Epic’s official website. They can also start gearing up for the next major Fortnite event: Fortnite World Cup Creative, which combines user-created content with the competitive aspect of the game.