Fortnite: What are Cuddle Fish and Where to Find the Cuttlefish Inspired Creatures

Cuddle Fish are just one of many of the new additions to Fortnite. Here's all you need to know.

By Peter Hunt Szpytek

March 16, 2021

Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite launched today and it’s packed full of new content. Aside from the reality-bending Zero Crisis Finale, people are noticing all the new fish including the adorable Cuddle Fish.

Fishing is the type of activity that plenty of great games include. It’s nice because it serves as another thing to collect and fill the game world with.

A handful of new fish have been added to Fortnite. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Cuddle Fish.

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What are Fortnite Cuddle Fish?

The Cuddle Fish is a type of fish that can be caught in Fortnite and used for a handful of different things. As of right now, not every use for them is apparent as they’re still new to the game. Obviously, their name is a play on the real fish, the cuttlefish. However, unlike cuttlefish, Cuddle Fish can be used as a weapon. As YouTuber Neon Slice points out, when thrown on the ground, they act as proximity mines, and when thrown directly at enemies, they latch onto them and explode.

There are most likely a few more uses for the fish, but as they were just introduced into the game today, only time will tell.

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Where to find Cuddle Fish

Luckily, the new fish are just about everywhere. You can find every breed in any body of water. The only Cuddle Fish in a specific place is the Cuddle Jellyfish which is only found in swamp areas.

Here’s a full list of every type of Cuddle Fish:

  • Blue Cuddle Fish
  • Cuddle Fish
  • Green Cuddle Fish
  • Orange Cuddle Fish
  • Red Cuddle Fish
  • Cuddle Jellyfish

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