Fortnite Will Be Ready Day 1 For Next-Gen Systems

Fortnite Will Be Ready Day 1 For Next-Gen Systems

Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite for next-gen.

With the  Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 set to be released next week, questions about what games will be upgraded for next-gen have been floating around many gamers’ heads. For a lot of games, the upgrades and new features have been unclear, but as of today, Epic Games is ready to say exactly what we can expect from the next-gen update to Fortnite.

A blog post on Epic’s website from this morning breaks down the update into an Xbox category and a PlayStation one as well as things that can be expected from both new consoles.

For the Series X, Epic promises 4K resolution and a “smooth” frame rate of 60 FPS. The game world is going to be reactive in a way that it hasn’t been before with grass and trees reacting to explosions, enhanced fluid simulations for water and smoke, and “all-new Storm and cloud effects.”

The post says that the less powerful Series S will have a resolution at 1080P and run at 60 FPS. Epic says that the Series S will “support most of the visual enhancements available on the Series X.” Both consoles are expected to load textures faster than ever before and reduce wait times in the player lobby.

For the PS5, Epic also promises a 4K resolution and a frame rate of 60 FPS as well as the dynamic visuals expected from the Series X. The biggest difference between the two versions is that the DualSense controller will be much more responsive as Epic has “integrated trigger feedback for ranged weapons,” allowing each weapon to feel unique in the hands of the player. Additionally, players can choose which game mode they want to load into from the dashboard of the PS5.

Both consoles can expect to load their profiles from the past generation to keep all of their progress from past seasons. All players will be getting a free pickaxe skin on November 4 as a thank you.

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