Fortnite Wolves: Where to Find and How to Tame a Wolf in Chapter 2 Season 6

Wolves in Fortnite? Here's how to tame them.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 launched today and it added a whole slew of changes and new additions. Among other things, wolves in Fortnite are one of the biggest additions.

There have been plenty of changes to Fortnite as Chapter 2 Season 6 launched. From new characters to more fish options, the game is going crazy this season and we’re totally here for it.

Fortnite: Primal added hostile wolves that, with enough convincing, can also be an asset to your team. Here’s everything you need to know about how to locate and tame the wolves.

Where to Find Fortnite Wolves

Because they’re so new to the game, some of the information here might be a little bit off. As new info comes out about wolf spawn points make sure to let us know in the comments. Currently, it seems like wolves tend to spawn in packs of three to four in the wooded areas throughout the map. In our experience, it seems like they tend to be in forest areas near the many mountains in the game, but because they wander around the map, they’re not always so simple to locate.

Make sure to listen for barking and growling as that is a pretty clear indicator that a pack of wolves is around.

How to Tame Fortnite Wolves

Before you even start searching the island for a wolf to tame, you’re going to need some food to give it. The wolves prefer to eat meat, so if you manage to kill a boar, chicken, or frog bring its remains with you on the hunt. You can also do some fishing, but that requires a fishing rod and some time that you may not have because of the Storm.

Grab some meat and start searching in the areas mentioned above. After a little searching and some luck, you should find yourself in contact with a wolf. Be careful as they’ll attack you on sight. Once you’ve found one, drop the food on the ground near it. The wolf should come to start inspecting the food after blue ‘searching’ waves come out of its head. Once it starts eating, run over to it and hit the button that comes up to tame it. You’ll have to be quick because as soon as it’s done eating, it’ll go right back to attacking you.

Once you’ve hit “tame,” some hearts should pop out of the animal’s head indicating that it’s friendly to you. Your wolf has its own health bar, so keep an eye on that in battle as once it’s gone, the wolf will die and cannot be revived.

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