Forza 3 Is Bullshit - Yes, We Said It

I’m pretty sure that after writing this piece, my mother, and myself included, will be introduced to the most egregious forms of insults known to man. I’ll probably hear countless times that my oh-so innocent mother engaged in bestiality with all sorts of farm animals, how she stuffs rodents in her snatch, and how I should introduce my wrists to the witty razor – all because I sat here and spoke out against what Turn 10, the developers of Forza 3, has done to the community in their defense – and that is feed us bullshit images of what we thought to be legitimate screenshots of their upcoming racing simulator. Now, before the lot of you Xbox 360 fanboys try to arm yourselves with your unlimited arsenal of insults, know that I’m not, in any way, saying that Gran Turismo is a million times better, or that the game itself – Forza 3 – sucks Chimp dick. No, no, no. I’m here to call out the developers, again in your defense, for putting out the biggest sham since Jesus walking on water (it was shallow, folks).

Those of you who haven’t been exposed to the cruel world that is “fact” in Forza 3, will, undoubtedly, gauge your eyes out in disbelief and disappointment. In a post on the Forza Motorsport forums, a reader exposed Turn 10 for fooling the public into thinking that Forza 3 had a visual increment in graphics. Apparently, the folks over at Turn 10 have been bullshitting just about everyone in the industry with regards to the “graphical overhaul” that the franchise’s new installment has undergone. Now, before the Xbox 360 fanboy brigade begins to start hurling out all sort of “you’re a fanboy” remarks and, again, labeling my mother a bearded Afghani prostitute, know that I am not shitting on the game itself. The demo wasn’t disappointing; what was a disappointment was the graphical representation that didn’t live up to the prior images displayed for months which was fed to our delicate spongy cerebellums.

Forza 3 Car Menu


For the unknown number of folks who have been napping under a rock for the past couple of months, the pre-release Forza 3 screenshots that have been circling around the industry since its announcement have not, I repeat not, been in-game screenies. What we have been exposed to during the last couple of months is called “replays” and a feature called “photomode” in Forza 3. Basically, in stupid speak, what this means is that those screenshots which we were ogling were, in fact, higher poly images which aren’t, at all, in-game – more like menu shots, replay shots, and pre-racing shots (before the race starts). Jagged edges in-game would be noticeable everywhere, and models would look sub-par (disgusting to some).

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Of course, I’m not just going to sit here and say how, for the second time, Turn 10 has screwed its followers without providing some sort of proof. I’ll indeed include images for you to look at for yourself and, inevitably, deny because of your loyalty to your 360 and the sheer hate you have for those darn Gran Turismo fans and their damn good-lookin’ 1080p game. Does this conclude that Gran Turismo looks better? Yes. To deny that would be imbecilic.  However, I would like to say how disgusted I am with Turn 10 for being a bunch of lying sons of bitches. Although it might ruin my chance of receiving any sort of review copy for this game now, or in the future (which I’m pretty sure will put our site in their “shit list”), I cannot allow my want for review copies deter who I am as a gamer and conjure biased reviews and thoughts based on the fact of pleasing developers and/or publishers for future titles. All in all, what Turn 10 has done was bewitch the Xbox 360 gaming community by distracting what a visual disappointment the game is with providing us with higher poly images that were not in-game. As a person in the forums said, there are three levels or detail in the game: 1) Super high poly (10x more than FM2) which are shown in menus, selection screen, photomode, etc. 2) Medium quality poly (more polys than FM2) which can be seen pre-race rotating cameras; and finally, 3) Low poly models (about the same as FM2) which is used for in-game car models. An official member of the Forza team has confirmed the graphical decline between in-game and non-in-game modes.

Now, to rant on my argument. The point of this argument is not to say that the game will sell horribly, or, as stated above, that the game itself is a graphical piece of shit. The reason for writing this has more to do with how developers deceive gamers (yes, deceive because for this entire time, until the demo was release, every single image shown by Turn 10 prior to the demo was considered “in-game”) for the interest of exposure and sales. Let me regurgitate that for those of you who are stupid enough to pursue an argument for taking things out of context: This is being written to expose Turn 10 for deliberately lying to Xbox 360 and Forza fans for the sake of potential sales. This is a discussion about polygonal density and texture resolution problems that Turn 10 has, yet again, failed to deliver on after fraudulent projections of the game’s semblance. We will have our handful of fanboys who will, like always, shy away verisimilitude only because their minds is interpreting what I’m saying as an assault on either the game or the console itself. Rather than recognizing infallibility and contemplating what Turn 10 has done to the 360 community, they will conscientiously disregard what’s been placed in front of them for the sake of defending something not worth defending. For the second time, Turn 10 has exaggerated the truth to, in the end, be exposed by the gaming community for their inconsistency and lies concerning the game which was visually dubbed “amazing,” and even compared to Gran Turismo 5‘s very own high poly in-game models. For those who will bring up the whole “It’s just a demo…” argument, understand that the demo is as close to the final code as anything else will get. Turn 10 hasn’t denied anything or stated that the number of “bugs” are no longer in the final product, or that the problem(s) has been fixed, or that the cars will indeed look far superior in the final game. In fact, this is from Che, an official member of the Forza team,

“The demo is visually representative of the full-game so racing in-game won’t look much different. I don’t see that many jaggies on my multiple TVs at home and at work, but everyone’s setups can be varied”

‘Nuff said.


– It’s been stated in the forums that the game, in its release, will not contrast the demo. Of course, with the track record that Turn 10 has, I wouldn’t bet all my chips on it. We’ll keep you updated as news and information pours in.

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