Forza Motorsport Officially Unveiled at Xbox Games Showcase

Forza Motorsport 8 and its gorgeous cars impress at today's Xbox Games Showcase.

It wouldn’t be a next-gen console launch without two things: sweaty sportsmen and car porn. EA and 2K have us covered with the later, and today Microsoft officially revealed Forza Motorsport to give us a bit of the latter. As you might expect the cars look phenomenal. It’s getting hard to imagine where car games go from here visually. Of course, the sexy carbon fiber means nothing without quality vroom-vroom. Unfortunately, we didn’t much in that department. Though, I trust Turn 10 to give us some great gameplay Check out the announcement teaser below.

So, not too much to go on. There will be cars. Said cars will look really good. Presumably, you’ll drive them. But really, at this point, we don’t need to know much more than that. We likely know what we’re getting.

Longtime Forza fans will be familiar with the series general release cycle. However, for newcomers, the franchise is split into two types of releases: Motorsport and HorizonMotorsport is the team’s simulation option, forcing you to play a much more technical style of racing. Horizon still requires a steady hand but feels much more like a Need for Speed. Except it’s recently been really good. Something I wouldn’t say about the Need for Speed franchise.

Personally, I’ve always been more of a Horizon fan. That said, there are tons of players who prefer Motorsport. Fortunately, you’ll soon have an easy way to see if Forza Motorsport is the game for you. When it launches, it will come to Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X and PC.

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