Forza Motorsports 6 Xbox One vs PC Screenshot Comparison: Boy, This Looks Good

Forza Motorsports 6 Xbox One vs PC Screenshot Comparison: Boy, This Looks Good

With the release on Windows 10 of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, we can take a good look at the visual improvements available on PC for Turn 10’s racing game.

First of all, the game on Windows 10 has a quite interesting setting that allows the player to activate “dynamic optimization,” specifying a target frame rate and letting the system decide the best options to achieve it. You can also decide to force a custom level for each option (or for all of them), allowing the system to handle only those that you don’t want at a certain level all the time.
Screenshot - 5_6_2016 , 11_29_55 AM

Of course for the purpose of this test, all options were forced at their maximum level of detail.

In each pair of screenshots below, the first image is the Xbox One version, while the second is the PC version. All screenshots were of course captured in lossless PNG format, in order to guarantee the best possible comparison.


Due to its very nature, ForzaVista is the feature where the difference is less visible. The Windows 10 version has a small advantage in anti-aliasing, and that’s pretty much it.


The difference is slightly more marked in the pre-race in-engine cuts, with better anti-aliasing on PC and superior wet effects.

Gameplay – Cockpit View

In cockpit view we can easily notice the much superior anistropic filtering on Windows 10, accompanied by better shadows, and higher definition environment textures. A subtle but very visible difference is the much higher visibility of objects in the rear view mirrors.

Gameplay – External View

The external camera is what showcases the most differences, with superior environmental detail on Windows 10, especially in the distance, much sharper shadows and more precise reflections. Even the racing line is smoother, while textures of the track are higher in resolution and show less compression artifacts Last, but not least, wet effects are a lot sharper.

On the other hand, the defogging grid on the rear glass of the GTR is missing on PC, and most glasses appear to be more opaque. As a final strange detail, the back  windscreen wiper on the Golf isn’t animated on Windows, while it is on Xbox One. The front wipers are animated on both versions.

Ultimately, the game looks fantastic on both platforms (provided that you have enough horsepower on PC). While Forza Motorsport 6: Apex on Windows 10 has a smaller advantage in secondary features like ForzaVista, the graphics are visibly sharper and more detailed during actual gameplay.

That said, if you don’t have a powerful PC, don’t worry: you can definitely stick to the Xbox One version without regrets, especially considering that for the moment it comes with a lot more features.