Final Fantasy 5 Fans Rejoice, the Four Job Fiesta is Here Again!

The community charity event, the Four Job Fiesta, has begun once again!

June 15, 2020

Summer is right around the corner, and for some, that means barbecues, hitting the beach, and bonfires; for others, it means that the Final Fantasy V – Four Job Fiesta is here once again!

The Four Job Fiesta began more than seven years ago intending to help raise money by gathering players to play through using a restricted ruleset of Final Fantasy V. The event was created and ran by Eric Koziol, and has become an eagerly anticipated event over the years. Each year, usually running from the middle of June until the end of August (officially), speedrunners and casual players alike attempt to overcome the challenge while raising money for a charity. This year’s charity-of-choice is the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which helps to raise funds for peaceful protestors post bail, with the goal of hitting the $15,000 mark! Last year, the Four Job Fiesta raised over $17,000 for Child’s Play.

The premise is to lock your choice of jobs to only a specific few. The traditional Fiesta rules lock players to having access to four of the jobs, one from each crystal, and you will always need those jobs represented when possible. At each crystal, players tweet at the all-powerful Gilgabot, to have a job randomly assigned to them, but you can change or select a specific job if you’d like by donating!

For those looking for a more challenging Fiesta, there are additional types of run types you can choose from. Popular ones include the Quad-Zerker challenge, which forces the player to only use the uncontrollable Berserker class, Another popular option is the CHAOS choice, which opens up the possible jobs at each crystal. Instead of your options being simply from the crystal you just gained the shards from, you could get a job from any crystal. That means that you could very well be stuck Freelancer until you get your selected jobs!

If this sounds like a fun challenge, then do I have news for you! You can participate too, and the Four Job Fiesta is open to everyone! 

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Even if you don’t plan to donate, it is still an incredibly fun way to play Final Fantasy V, for new players or veterans all. You can even do multiple runs. The first time I ever beat, it was actually by taking part in the Fiesta! You can register over at the Four Job Fiesta website and get started! Good luck, everyone, and may Gilgabot be kind!

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