Four New Songs Come to Theatrhythm as DLC

on March 19, 2012 10:30 AM

This week’s releases in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC include four new songs coming to the game. First off, from Final Fantasy II‘s “Dungeon”, which actually is used as field music in the game. Also coming with it is the final battle music from Final Fantasy V, and “The Dalmasca Eastersand”, which was one of my favorite field themes in Final Fantasy XII.

Lastly, and probably most excitingly, from Final Fantasy XIII-2, we get the music that plays when Lightning fights Chaos Bahamut in the opening of the game. The song is entitled “Etro’s Champion”, and it’s rather spirit-rousing if I do say so myself.

Still no word yet on a release for Theatrhythm anywhere else (like the US, as I’m hoping), but I will keep waiting and crossing my fingers.

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