FoxTail Receives New Update Introducing New Content and Improvements

FoxTail Receives New Update Introducing New Content and Improvements

Gingertips Game Studio launched a new update for their title, FoxTails. It will bring more content and improvements to the classic looking point-and-click

FoxTail is a classic looking point-and-click title by Gingertips Game Studio, inspired by popular titles of the same genre in the mid 90’s. It has been on Steam Early Access since the 1st of March 2018 and has just got a big update. Here’s what we know.

Leah is the protagonist who is trying to find a cure for her grandmother. Her journey leads her on a path through various areas, and a range of characters. Along the way, she’ll also begin to uncover her grandfather’s past.

FoxTail got its update today which brings the first chapter of the game close to the quality of the final game. The update brings various improvements as well as new content, the only downside to this update is that it won’t be compatible with previous saves. As a result, Gingertips Game Studio recommend that you start a new game.

The update will be improving the following content:

  • Professional mastering of all the game’s music
  • New forest background sound
  • New animations for the cat and improved solutions for the quest with the cat

New content will feature the following:

  • Two additional mini-quests
  • Added more than 600 new phrases and reactions for Leah (for exploring the environment and using items)
  • Added dialogs for Grandma and Corsak containing small tips. Now new dialogues will appear for the characters with the game’s progress;
  • Added new quest entries for the diary (associated with the chest and raspberries).

Various gameplay improvements have been introduced:

  • improved cursors;
  • added arrows for the transition areas and dialog indicators (for the active prompt mode);
  • added arrows in the diary and books (to indicate the available pages);
  • double clicking anywhere on the screen will speed up Leah (not only when moving to another location, as it was before);
  • added the ability to customize the button for interrupting phrases (by default it’s the right mouse button); no more randomly missed phrases;
  • found the usage for all items in the game;
  • added a button to enable/disable mouse capture in the game window (F11);
  • improved dialogues (more convenient navigation, indication of new and already read dialogs, new positioning);
  • added the ability to save the found photos in the diary.

And for those interested, a readme file has been added that details all of the key layouts, as well as solutions to common problems and errors the players might experience.

If you wanted to, this game looks like it’d be a good fit to play through the new Steam Link app that we mentioned earlier this month.

FoxTail is available on PC, Mac, and Linux now as an Early Access title and is due for a full launch in 2019.