Retro-Inspired FPS Dusk’s Launch Trailer is All About Guns and Guts

Retro-Inspired FPS Dusk’s Launch Trailer is All About Guns and Guts

Dusk doesn't pull any punches in its mid-90s inspired trailer that's brimming with heavy weaponry, heavy metal, and hordes of chaotic cultists.

Old school gaming art styles revolving around 2D pixelated sprites have worked their way back into the industry in recent years creating gorgeous new titles that look and feel nostalgic. New Blood Interactive and David Szymanski are taking this concept one step further by creating a first-person shooter called Dusk which sports chunky polygons reminiscent of the likes of Quake.

Dusk is a dark and gritty no-nonsense shooter with a wealth of weaponry at the player’s disposal. Obvious firearms such as grenade launchers, shotguns, and machine guns are well represented alongside some close combat weapons such as swords and sickles. These will come in handy while taking on the fast-paced title’s hordes of creeps and cultists.

The game features three chapters bursting with mid-90s nostalgia. There is also an Endless Survival Mode where you can test your skills against infinite waves of enemies in a manic fight to stay alive. To top it all off, Dusk also features a multiplayer mode.

If you’re looking for an all-out assault on your senses, a thumping heavy metal soundtrack, and some challenging gameplay to boot, all while still maintaining a nostalgic feeling; then you’ll be happy to know that Dusk is available now via Steam.