Frantics, The PS4 Game for Casual Gamers and Non-Gamers Alike, Gets a Release Trailer

Frantics uses the PlayLink services, a software app for your cellular device that allows it to be used for multiplayer mayhem against your friends and family.

on March 6, 2018 11:04 AM

Meet Fox, the host of this PS4 party experience. He leads you through a series of mini-games ranging from quirky quizzes to all-out multiplayer war. You can use Fox to destroy your rivals, but he will be offering them ways to destroy you as well as shown in a new video tied to the game.

Frantics offers a variety of 15 minigames, where manipulating each other is often key to winning. 12 different animal characters in their claymation style can join in the fray. Fox’s evil bonus challenges also come with the mini-games, all of which you can tear each other to pieces.

Frantics uses PlayLink, a software plugin for your phone that turns it into an intuitive controller. Besides using your phone camera, you can shake, swipe, and violently tilt your cellular device as a tool in defeating your friends. Using your device as a secret screen for discreet information in missions allows for gameplay used in cunning ways.

The Creative Director of Frantics, Lau Korsgaard, stated in the press release for the game:

We wanted to make a game that the typical PS4 owner could play with their non-gamer friends and family. The game is super competitive, but not in the usual skill-based ways – the winner is often not the one who is best at controlling the game, but the one who is best at controlling the other players.

Frantics releases on March 7 for the PS4 and is compatible with PlayLink. You check out the release trailer below and several in-game screenshots:

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