Freddie Wong's Battlefield 3 Commercial is Appropriately Ridiculous

By John Colaw

December 17, 2011

Freddie Wong has always been up front with his love of video games and has frequently created videos that are either inspired by games or feel like they could (or should) be a game of their own, but lately he’s actually been teaming up with some big developers to do some work for them. The last such project he did was creating a video for the “Mr Toots” weapon in Red Faction: Armageddon which involved a unicorn that farted explosive rainbows.

It appears EA has approached him to create a live-action commercial for Battlefield 3 showcasing something that is unique to the Battlefield experience and I must say, he absolutely NAILED it. Let me sum it up for you: forklift + C4 = happy pants.

Check out the commercial after the break and keep an eye out for it on TV. Oh and before you ask yes, there is a forklift you can drive in the “Back to Karkand” map pack. 

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