Free DLC Makes “More Financial Sense” Than Paid Content, Says Goat Simulator Creator

on April 10, 2014 7:13 AM

Releasing free DLC over the more typical paywalled content may be better in the long run, Goat Simulator dev Armin Ibrisagic said today.

Pointing to examples like Teraria, Ibrisagic noted that when a free update is released, it appeals to people who aren’t already invested in the title.

If you’ve released a new DLC, your total target group can never be bigger than the amount of people that own the game already, as new DLC isn’t very interesting for someone who has never played the original game

If you release a free content update as a patch and alert people towards your new update, you’re targeting both your current user base, and also everyone else that doesn’t own the game to the fact that you’re actively updating your game for free.

Ibrisagic also noted that in the current video game climate, there is a sense of DLC weariness, and so releasing free content improves public perception of a company.

Having a ton of DLCs on the other han, might prevent people from buying [your game] on mere principle.