Free For Today Only: Three iPhone/iPod Games That Don’t Suck

Free For Today Only: Three iPhone/iPod Games That Don’t Suck


Personally I think we have all been a bit guilty of underestimating the app store, I know I am at times. That is why it is great to see some of its top 150 games being shown off today with a free giveaway on the Apple App Store. If you’d like to try out some space shooting, crime action, or puzzle gaming right now for the today-only price of $0 then read on.

StarPagga – Space Shooter – From Jon Treece-Birch – Ranked 144th – Previously $4.99

Car Jack Streets – Action – From Tag Games Limited – Rank: 25th – Previously $4.99

Sheeple – Puzzler – From Tomato Factory – Rank: 89th – Previously $1.99

The Apple App Store has come a long way in terms of gaming abilities and between iPad’s recent innovative and creative titles like GodFinger and Farmville-to-the-max style game We Rule which you can find video reviews for here at DualShockers TV from our own Al Zamora. I would also personally say that Capcom’s latest releases to Call of Duty: World at War ZOMBIES no one can honestly deny the App Store’s universal capabilities. Keep in mind, for every terrible app you find there is a great one to be found. I can only imagine the creativity developers will find for online multiplayer as Apple’s gaming platform continues to develop and evolve with the upcoming OS 4.0 Game Center and the iPhone 4G.

Each of these games are being given away free for today and today only in the official Apple App Store via FreeAppADay. I gave them a whirl and found them quite worthy of their temporary free price. I am still a ‘noob’ at these games so I cannot tell yet if they would merit their full price tags so be sure to get on your app store today and get them for free while you can! If you like them tell your friends and stay tuned to DualShockers for more gaming goodness.