Chinese Gamers Receive Free Lewd Games to Avoid Coronavirus

Developer Kagami Works gives away 45,000 copies of their lewd match-three game Mirror to keep Chinese gamers away from the quickly-spreading coronavirus.

Thus far 2020 hasn’t been an amazing year, and that can be greatly contributed to a new coronavirus. The current virus–coronavirus (2019-nCoV)–broke out in Wuhan, China and infected thousands. Currently, over 12,000 people are infected. Most cases are in China, but the virus has recently spread to the UK and the US. Avoiding the virus is a priority for people throughout China, and limiting contact with others is necessary. And developers have a way to solve this: free lewd games.

The situation prompted lewd-game developer Kagami Works to create a post that reads: “the year has just started and we’re all facing challenging situations. To avoid the nCov, it’s better to stay at home. So we decide to give away 45,000 copies of Mirror to keep you company. Please accept our gift and stay strong!” Mirror, is a match-3 lewd game created by the Kagami Works that is available on Steam. Although it’s a strange solution, it’s certainly a creative way to help people avoid infection. However, it can also very easily be viewed as a marketing scheme, after all, it’s not very difficult to find other adult material and this move will certainly get Mirror’s name out.

Unfortunately, concerns over Coronavirus have already lead to the cancellation of many high attendance gaming events in Asian countries, including esports tournaments for League of Legends, and Overwatch. Additionally, the Taipei Game Show — a highly anticipated game conference that would likely have debuted some news on Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring — was postponed because of the virus. Far more unfortunate is that the virus has already killed over 250 people, with a vaccine likely being a year away at leaser.

For those without a copy of Mirror, keep up good hygiene habits, and I hope you can find another reason to stay inside and avoid any contact with symptoms.

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