Free Games Alert! Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 Free for Xbox Live Gold Members

on August 16, 2013 9:01 PM

You too can decapitate zombies with a dual-paddle chainsaw for free! Earlier this month Microsoft’s ‘Games with Gold’ offered a copy a Crackdown for free. Well this time the second free game this month is Dead Rising 2 and its prologue, Dead Rising 2 Case Zero.

Anyone with a Xbox Live Gold account can download both of these open-world zombie slaughterfests for free. The best part is you permanently own these once you download them. Which means you can still play the game if you decide to cancel your Xbox Live Gold Account.

Alright, its not as good as the type of freebies you get this month on Playstation Plus regardless its good to get free stuff. Come on Microsoft, something a little current would be a treat. Don’t you think?

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