Free Games Are Your Only Real Friend

By Jon Ireson

April 21, 2010

Hey everybody. I know that you might be busy in your day right now trying to get work done. Maybe you are hiding this window from your boss right now. In this time-crunching and multi-tasking society that we live in you can never underestimate the time it might take you to play through a game. With every dollar comes the expectancy of something and frankly let’s be honest, you don’t really have time for that let-down right now. That is why I bring you some free games today that you can get for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad for the sweet delicious price of nothing. Enjoy and don’t ever say I never did anything for you.

Hit the app store people, it’s time to get you some free games! Released in December of last year from Gang Zeng and MystoneGame Inc Brick Breaker 3D is on sale today from the price of $1.99 to $0. Be sure to pick this two-brick-breaker-games-in-one title up fast as this probably will not last long. Ace Sniper is also available today free of charge (was $1.99) from the makers of Brick Breaker 3D.

Last but not least BloodnGuns is being given away for free today on the App Store in association with OpenFient’s Free Game of the Day. Called “Possibly the Best Dual-Stick Shooter on the App Store” by reviewers, you really shouldn’t want to miss out on this one for the price of free. Be sure to keep it locked on DualShockers as we bring you the latest in everything news, reviews, and even help you get a little something for nothing. Who doesn’t like something for free, especially us cheap gamers who normally have to pay an electric bill per title.

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