Free GPS-Enabled Game on iPhone and iPod Touch

MeanFreePath LLC., has announced that owners of an iPhone and iPod Touch will be treated to an innovative game related to gang-warfare at the low cost of FREE. The title of the game is Turf Wars and is out now for download. The game will take advantage of the built in GPS in certain models (check to see if this game will run on yours) and will use the real world as in-game territory. MeanFreePath calls it a location-based social game. So, I guess it will be like some of those Mafia or gang-related games they have on FaceBook and MySpace right now that people are so addicted to? I’m not really sure, because never played them before (forgive me). All of you who have tell me if this sounds like it:

Turf Wars lets you:

  • Compete with other local mobsters for real-time control of your city’s territory!
  • Run missions, evade the cops, and build up your Mafia
  • Choose from over 30 weapons, upgrades and equipment to increase your influence and power!
  • Fight your way to the top to become the Capo of your city!

I’m not sure what a Capo is either, but it sounds like I want to become it! This game sounds very similar to a game I read about in EGM magazine over 3 years ago about a game that uses the GPS capabilities of the Gizmondo. The name of the title slips my mind, any person who let’s me know the name of the game gets a free copy of Turf Wars. Here are some screenshots of what you can expect below:

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