Free PayDay 2 “Charlie Santa” DLC Heist Releases Next Week

on December 14, 2013 3:05 PM

December 16th will usher in the holidays with a free PayDay 2 DLC on Steam. The rather festive “Charlie Santa” Heist mission, which sees Payday 2‘s four crooks robbing a custom bank will have you either: hunting down two key cards needed to break into the vault, stealing the money and getting out; or drilling into the vault, setting up some lift cages on the roof and having your pilot airlifting the  cash.

The “Charlie Santa” Heist DLC also features some holly jolly Santa masks for those who are part of the game’s official Steam community group, a new scope to unlock. Lastly, there are new achievements to unlock, including one where you have to gift wrap four dead bodies and place them under the bank’s Christmas tree.

Check out all the trailer below.

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