Grab a Free Phantasy Star Online 2 PS4 Theme and Cry Because We Can’t Have the Game

Grab a Free Phantasy Star Online 2 PS4 Theme and Cry Because We Can’t Have the Game

Sega released a free PS4 theme of Phantasy Star Online 2 on the Japanese PSN, taunting us all.

Developers and publishers don’t always keep their promises, but Phantasy Star Online 2 is probably one of the most extreme cases.

Released in Japan in 2012, and immediately after the publisher promised a western release… Which never came. Five years after, with the game having released in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita following the PC version, we’re five expansions in.

The most paradoxical element of this story is the western branch of Sega never officially admitted the localization’s cancellation, and the game still has a derelict English website, there to taunt us all.

Gripes aside, if you want to have the reminder of such a PR disaster on your PS4 desktop at all times, the publisher just released a free theme for you to enjoy.

The theme features the key artwork of the fifth expansion, that gives the game a “phantasy” twist (yes, I made a pun). It’s static, but it comes with its own custom music.

You can download it for free on the Japanese PlayStation Store. You can see what it looks like in the pictures above and below.

Of course, you need a Japanese PSN account to grab and download the theme, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry. You can check out our handy guide that will teach you how to create an account and how to maintain it.

After you downloaded the theme with the Japanese account, you can then use it with all the accounts on that PS4 regardless of region, as long as the console is set as primary on all of them.

If you want more free themes from Japan, another dedicated to Dragon Quest XI has been recently released.