Free Realms Makes Way For the PS3 in 2010

Free Realms Makes Way For the PS3 in 2010

I’m not going to lie, I’m not too excited about Free Realms after playing the beta. Not a fan of the game, although the visuals are a bit appealing. Why I hate it is another story in itself, but it’s really aimed more at kids. You know, for a more “friendlier” MMO experience, and for those of you who are cheap mofos, the game is free. And you just can’t beat free. But, for the time being, all this was limited to the PC, although Sony did promise that it will eventually make its way onto the PlayStation 3. Finally, a time-frame was sort of announced with regards to the PS3’s release of Free Realms.

Today at GDC Austin, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley announced a release window for the free-to-play MMO stating that “It’s next year sometime, toward the middle of the year.”  During the speech, Smedly also added that it is very likely that the PlayStation Eye is going to be something supported in Free Realms. I pray to Jesus that it isn’t something ludicrous but more that we can use it’s embedded microphone feature to talk to folks. I would rather stay away from looking at strangers. Best believe it will turn into a pedophile’s circus; “Hey, little boy. You ever seen a meaty mushroom?” Ugh… I sincerely hope this implementation of the PlayStation Eye is something worth using and not something that freaks will be using to cyber over.

As much as I disliked Free Realms on the PC, I think I might give the PS3 version a go. Only because I know it’ll look better and because I just love to harass random questing folk.

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  1. I tried Free Realms out on the PC shortly after it launched. Didn’t care much for it, although I can see its appeal to certain groups of people.