Free Red Dead Costumes Next Week

Next week, Rockstar’s latest creation, Red Dead Redemption will see a free DLC that gives players two new outfits for their characters. When released on October 12, the DLC, Hunting and Trading Outfits will give players the Savvy Merchant outfit and the Expert Hunter outfit. Each outfit will have its own perks to go along with their style.

The Savvy Merchant outfit gives the player a double-breasted jacket with bold collar and flat cap. When wearing this, all ammo and guns will be half priced. Players donning the Expert Hunter outfit will find themselves in animal hide from head to torso. Wit this get up, you’ll get the double the skin and hide when you go hunting.

This DLC also has a compatibility update that lets you see the costumes from both Rockstar’s DLC, Liars and Cheats and Legends and Killers.Costumes from a certain DLC can only be worn when the DLC is purchased, naturally.

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