Free Shank Soundtrack

Free Shank Soundtrack


Shank is looking like a great game in every aspect. One of those aspects is its soundtrack. The heavy rock style music with a Spanish influence really captures the feel of the game nicely, and what better way to celebrate such a musical feat than to release the entire soundtrack for free.

“From an artistic standpoint, it was perfect,” said CEO of Klei Entertainment, Jamie Cheng.

The soundtrack is being release for free, because a little while back, Cheng said he would release the entire soundtrack for free if he got 1,500 people to join a Shank Facebook group. Well, now Cheng has to honor has word, because the group reached those numbers in a mere three hours. So far, only the first six tracks have been released, but the rest will be remastered and released sometime around the release of the game.

Gotta love free.