Free-to-Play Shooter Dirty Bomb is Now a Steam Exclusive

Free-to-Play Shooter Dirty Bomb is Now a Steam Exclusive

Nexon America has announced today that they have agreed to a partnership with Valve to bring their free-to-play title Dirty Bomb exclusively to the digital distribution platform Steam.

Presently in closed beta, Dirty Bomb‘s conversion to Steam is allowing testing to be increased in scale over the coming months. Running on dedicated servers and moving to Steam has allowed additions to be made to the game, including matchmaking, chat and parties, with additional Steamworks features coming soon.


Dirty Bomb is developed by Splash Damage, best known for games such as Brink and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and is an objective-based shooter set in a post-apocalyptic London. With no law and order, mercenaries and soldiers of fortune battle for control of city’s remaining fortunes and bragging rights. Asymmetrical team play is focused on as the developers try to return to skill-based shooting.

There is presently no release date set for Dirty Bomb, but interested players can sign up for the closed beta now on their official website.