Freedom Wars Producer Sees the Massive Sales Gap Between PS Vita and 3DS as an Opportunity

Freedom Wars Producer Sees the Massive Sales Gap Between PS Vita and 3DS as an Opportunity

The gap in sales between the 3DS and the PS Vita is definitely massive, but Sony Computer Entertainmnent Japan Studios Producer Junichi Yoshizawa, currently working on the PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars doesn’t let himself be discouraged and prefers to think positive, as he told Famitsu in an interview.

Maybe I’m talking a little big but… I’ve had a dream for a long time, as all those that are involved in entertainment, I just want to create a “boom.” In addition, as requested from the company, we have the mission to spread the PlayStation Vita Hardware with our exclusive title.

The PS Vita is supposed to have sold [in Japan] just over two million units as of now. The Nintendo 3DS boasts 13 million units sold. You may think that they sold more than six times as many with a simple calculation. But if you think positively there’s a chance to sell six times as many PS Vita in the portable console market. There’s a lot of room for growth and the opportunity to spread the hardware.

So I looked for people that were able to meet both goals to create a “boom” and to increase the popularity of the hardware.

Game Designer Toshiyuki Yasui, that previously worked on Gods Eater Burst, also feels that working on Freedom Wars  is excited about the project, and keeps well in mind his goal to make “something that has never been seen before.”

Takashi Tsukamoto, director of Osaka-based studio Dimps, that will co-develop the game, also feels that Freedom Wars is a big challenge. His studio worked on competitive online games before, but has never made a cooperative action game. That’s why he’s recruiting experienced developers and selecting carefully the staff in-house.

He mentioned that while discussing the game internally, it was concluded that making Freedom Wars will be though, but the philosophy going on with Yasui-san and Yoshizawa-san as development progresses is “There’s no choice but to do it!”

Of course we have no way to predict if Freedom Wars will be a success, especially in reducing the sales gap between the 3DS and the PS Vita, but what we saw so far of the game looked really sweet, and impressions from Jump Festa, where the title was playable, are also positive. That said, it’s good to see that the men at the helm are motivated and ready to raise to the challenge.