French Government Asks Your Feedback on Regulating eSports

French Government Asks Your Feedback on Regulating eSports

The French government has been dabbling in video games lately. We saw the failed attempt to remove tax credits for video games considered “sexist,” by basically misrepresenting the gaming industry in front the lawmaking commission. While that could be considered not exactly positive, there are other forces in play that seem to be taking a different and much more constructive approach.

The French Prime Minister entrusted parliament members Rudy Salles and Jerome Durain with the mission to analyze the societal and economic issues of competition in video games (IE: eSports) and propose a legislative and regulatory framework for the development of these activities in France.

To that end, we learn in a press release from the office of  Secretary of State of the Economy Ministry for the Industry and Digital Axelle Lemaire (who incidentally is the one who shut down the amendment to exclude “sexist” video games from tax credits), a mail address has been created for all parties involved (competitors, game publishers, competition organizers, and anyone wanting to express an opinion) to reach out and give their feedback.

The creation of a proper regulation for eSports competitions, and for players and their income, has been the subject of several proposals in the French Assemblée Nationale, especially to set eSports apart from activities like gambling, and to help the field develop after the success of the latest Paris Games Week.

If you want to help out and provide feedback, the mail address is already available, and you can write your own opinion here.