Fret Nice Available on PSN + XBL

Fret Nice is a new downloadable platformer with musical influences.  The manifestation of Mario style gameplay with these well-lit renders feels something like an Adult Swim television cartoon turned game, although this is one actually geared to family crowds as well.  What makes Fret Nice stand out, from a lot of other games out there on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, is that its comprised of 2-Dimensional graphics!  The game is compatible with guitar controllers as well as good ol’ game-pads.  Released earlier this week for Xbox Live, and available on PSN Store for a while now, Fret Nice aims be something different than the rhythm genre altogether.

Players will explore the world crafted by Pieces Interactive like any standard side-scrolling platform game and the level design looks great.  I am a fan of 2D games still.  I’ll admit it takes more then it used to for me to get motivated to spend serious time on one, but given interesting new gameplay concepts like this I am interested still to see what can be achieved with this graphical presentation.  Check out the video below.

Jon Ireson

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