Frictional Games Announces Soma with a WTF Is This Moment

Frictional Games Announces Soma with a WTF Is This Moment

Something caught my eye this evening while I opened my daily e-mails. Sifting through for nothing in particular, but then I saw it: a slightly obscured headline that stuck out to me. It peeked my interests. It almost looked like a cryptic message.

I find myself clicking on a provided link to see just how far the rabbit hole went. I found myself looking at a series of case files, one of which is only accessible, titled as “Item #2656 – Vivarium.” The case file mentions “the machine – a heavily modified monitor fixed to a massive nest of cables and controls.”


It turns out that Frictional Games, the creators behind Amnesia is working on a new project called Soma. Reading further through Vivarium, I find a short film that focuses on a more visual representation of “the machine”  even just barely a little more information on What Soma is going to be about? I have a few guesses on what could going on, but it’s all cryptic messages at this point with Frictional Games’ announcement. Interests and questions have definitely begun to stir in my head though. How about yours? What are your thoughts?

Take a look at the live-action teaser trailer.