Friday the 13th: The Game Update Introduces Offline Play and Holiday Events

IllFonic and Gun Media's survival horror game Friday the 13th: The Game will get a new update giving players a new offline mode and unlocks.

on December 18, 2017 10:02 AM

The latest update for Friday the 13th: The Game is out right now for Steam and PlayStation 4 users — the Xbox One version will receive the update very soon — bringing a few new features and commences the holiday events for the survival horror game.

The licensed title will now have an offline mode for those who want to hone their skills or just despise playing online. “Offline Play” will let you play as Jason Vorhees or a counselor with AI bots with adjustable difficulty levels — which include Easy, Normal, and Hard — within a map of your choosing.

Additionally, the max player level will increase from 101 to 150 which will yield new unlocks including clothing coloring options for counselors as well as two grab kills and bloody variants for the infamous slasher. More rewards will be available soon with more information detailed in the next few months.

A number of holiday events have also been outlined for the next two weeks. Starting today until December 23rd, the chances of attaining a Rare and Epic perk is increased. While the first event only lasts for six days, December 23rd marks the beginning of two events. The first — which lasts until December 27th — will increase your chances of finding both Pamela and Jarvis tapes; the second will double the amount of CP you earn (does not include CP garnered from leveling) until January 2nd.

In other Friday the 13th: The Game news, it was revealed that the survival horror title had sold over 1.8 million copies despite its flaws.

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