From Game Developers, Artists, Writers, Creators, and More, Check Out What the Gaming Industry is Making in Super Mario Maker

on September 16, 2015 2:27 PM

As one of the Wii U’s biggest exclusives to arrive during the holiday season, it’s been quite a surprise that the idea of creating your own Super Mario levels didn’t come to fruition (at least in a Nintendo official capacity) sooner. Thankfully though, Super Mario Maker has arrived and is letting the imagination of creators run wild, including those in the game design and development community.

Super Mario Maker is a full-fledged creative suite that lets players create and share their own Super Mario-inspired levels and courses, and while the game already offers a ton of options for letting players run wild with their imaginations, it doesn’t hurt to have a little inspiration: so, why not check out what some of the best in the business are coming up with?

We’ve scoured through looking for said inspiration all over to find what professional game designers, artists, developers, writers, content creators and more are concocting in Super Mario Maker, so hopefully down below you’ll be able to find some inspiration in your own Super Mario Maker levels from those that make and enjoy games every day.

While this collects together people of many different backgrounds in game design and development, it’s still impressive to see how well the game is taking off in letting others create and share their own levels, whether you’re a first-time game developer-in-training or a seasoned pro looking to have some fun, Super Mario-style.

Though it’s still relatively early as Super Mario Maker has been out for just under a week at this point, below you can check out photos, videos, and level codes from various game designers, artists, and developers to see what their creativity and input has resulted in with Super Mario Maker:

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