Racing Party Game Fromto Gets a Free Open Beta Thursday May 2

Players try to out-build and out-race their friends in Fromto, an upcoming party game from Headup Games. Everyone can try it out for free in the Open Beta next week.

April 28, 2019

Fromto is an upcoming party racing game from German publisher Headup Games. The game looks like a car-based Ultimate Chicken Horse with a small dose of Line Runner thrown in for good measure. Players will have a chance to try the game out for themselves next Thursday when the weeklong Open Beta starts on Steam.

If you’ve never played Ultimate Chicken Horse, the easiest way to describe it is to imagine you’re playing a platformer with three other people. However, when the game starts there aren’t any platforms to get you from the start of the level to the end. Instead, each player gets to select an object and add it to the level, trying to make a path to the finish. After every attempt, you get to add another object to the level.


Fromto looks to do the exact same thing, but with cars. You’re manipulating objects as you try to build a track that lets you finish the level. However, you don’t want your opponents to get there, so you want to make it easy enough for you to finish, but hard enough that no one else can.

It looks like a good mash-up. Ultimate Chicken Horse is tons of fun to play and the ideas in that game should translate well to a racer. Some of the tracks in the trailer (which you can see below) are wild. The obstacles look equally creative and diabolical. My only question is how does it feel to play? If they can nail that, they might have a success on their hands.

Players can give it a go themselves on Thursday, May 2 with the Open Beta on Steam. Fromto will have its full release later this year on Nintendo Switch and PC.


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