Party Racer Fromto Gets a New Demo to Celebrate Indiependence Day.

To celebrate their Indiependence, the team at Headup Games has released a short demo for their upcoming party racing game Fromto.

July 5, 2019

Fromto is a fun party racer from the team at Headup Games. The game takes elements of games like Ultimate Chicken Horse and adds car racing. The devs hosted an open beta in May and have now released a small demo for everyone to play on PC.

If you’ve played Ultimate Chicken Horse (and you really should have), then you’ll be right at home here. I’ve spent a bit of time with both the beta and new demo and I have to say that the translation from platformer to racer feels very smooth. However, this isn’t a straight clone and Fromto makes a few great additions.


One of the main gimmicks of Ultimate Chicken Horse is that each player gets a random item at the end of every round to augment the original level. In Fromto, that still happens with crates; however, you are also able to buy items from a shop. This means that if you have a particular item that you like or need, you don’t have to wait for RNG to give it to you. Once you’ve built up enough capital, you can just go out and buy it. It’s a small change, but one that I think adds a bit more depth to the proceedings.

Unlike the beta, this demo is a very small slice of the game. You can play up to four players online or locally; however, the number of cars, stages, and obstacles are drastically cut down. There also aren’t any true single-player levels, though I’ve still enjoyed dinking around the levels by myself. If you’re at all interested, I’d suggest giving it a go.

Fromto is out sometime this year on Nintendo Switch and PC.


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