Frontwing Hosted AMA About Upcoming Visual Novels and Uncensored Content

Frontwing Hosted AMA About Upcoming Visual Novels and Uncensored Content

Frontwing hosted an Ask Me Anything via Reddit’s visual novels forum today. Being a Japanese developer, the company hopes to create more transparency with Western fans as they attempt to self-publish more of their visual novels overseas.

Many users asked about localizing the visual novel ISLAND. In response, the developer eagerly let fans know that, “ISLAND is indeed one of the games high up” on their localization schedule. They are currently aiming for a “mid-to-late 2017 release”. However, it was revealed that they currently don’t have plans to localize Aqua After at this time.

When the question was brought up concerning past titles such as Hoshi Uta, they responded that they currently have a relatively small in-house localization team and that they may need to find help outside of the company to assist in the localization process.

Additionally, the issue of mosaics was brought up and whether or not the company will be able to provide uncensored visual novels in the future. They answered that they are “aware that there is a demand for fully uncensored releases.” However, the developer continues, delivering a fully uncensored game would mean that the version of the game will need to be developed by a company outside of Japan. If they do come across a title like this in the future they will look into distributing at places like MangaGamer and JAST.

Furthermore, a rumor was cleared up that Frontwing was distancing themselves from their 18+ content. The company states:

We’re not sure where that impression may have stemmed from, but we certainly don’t have any issue with releasing 18+ content, or any desire to distance ourselves from it as a company. As far as future works go, we really decide on a case-by-case basis how much important we want to give to 18+ content depending on the story or mood of the game – ISLAND, for example, was aimed towards a more all-ages crowd, but we certainly have some very risqué ideas in the pipeline as well.

To conclude, Frontwing answered if there was a difference in demand for visuals novels that they noticed between the Western and Japanese market:

One of the most interesting differences we’ve noticed about the VN markets is that Western fans tend to evaluate the amount of content in a game based on play time, while in Japan, the number of unique CGs is the biggest factor.

Currently, Frontwing is gearing up to reboot the kickStarter for Sharin no Kuni.