Frontwing Announces Visual Novel “Island” to Get Western Release

Frontwing Announces Visual Novel “Island” to Get Western Release

Frontwing hosted their first live airing of Frontwing TV earlier today, but “forgot” to announce something. The Japanese publisher revealed, via their official Twitter, that they will localize the Prototype developed visual novel Island in the west.

Previously released on PC, PlayStation Vita, and Android devices in Spring 2016 in Japan, the publisher announces that the game will come to the west around the premier of its anime adaptation in 2017. However, the company has not confirmed for which platforms the game will be releasing on.

The game’s premise involves an island that is cut off from the mainland in fear of coming in contact with a disease called “Baimonbyō”. Three families live on the island and refuse work with each other due to difference in tradition. One day, a boy washes ashore and claims to be from the future. He could hold the key to saving the island from destruction with the help of the three main heroines, but the they would need to cooperate.

The game is produced by Ryuichiro Yamakawa with the art and character design by Yōsai Kūchū.

Currently, the publisher is working with Tokyo Otaku Mode to bring visual novel Sharin no Kuni to the west via crowdfunding.