Frontwing Reveals Momoiro Closet and Gives Wonderful Everyday Adult Patch Details

Frontwing hosted a panel during Anime Expo 2017 to reveal some new details about their upcoming visual novels, which DuaLShockers attended.

First off, Frontwing revealed their newest title Momoiro Closet. The game will be an adult oriented visual novel that was teased earlier this year. The game follows a girl named Alice who is a model high school student. However, she’s also a closet otaku and, as Frontwing puts it, a sex maniac. During the story, she meets a guy who will get to know her very well. There were other characters shown during the preview, but the developer will reveal more about them as the early 2018 nears.

Island was also given an update: Originally planned to release in 2017, the visual novel is now being delayed until 2018. The delay is because the publisher wishes to launch the game closer to the upcoming anime adaptation. Currently, Island is 100% translated and 40% edited.

As for third party partners, Frontwing revealed details about the KeroQ developed Wonderful Everyday – Down the Rabbit Hole – coming to PC-via Steam in 2018. However, the game in its original state will not be allowed on Steam, so Frontwing has decided to launch an all-ages version of the first chapter on Steam for $29.99 in August.

With that said, buyers will have immediate access to the 18+ patch for free, with no mosiacs. For full discloser, the publisher has removed a beastiality scene for legal concerns, the scene is 10 – 15 lines long. There will be a physical version and other goods available, which can be previewed via a pre-funding coming this week, with a crowdfunding campaign to launch on July 12.

To wrap up the panel, Frontwing announced that they have two titles they are working hard on, but aren’t ready to announce. The publisher teased that it is related to something that a publisher did last year.

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