Frostbite Tech Director: “We Don’t Need Mantle on PS4;” Talks About the PS3’s SPUs and PS4’s ACEs

on March 17, 2014 3:56 PM

A lot has been said about the enhanced performance of AMD’s mantle, and Frostbite Engine Technical Director Johan Andersson has been one of the major evangelists of the new technology, but according to him it’s not needed on PS4, that has a good API (Application Programming Interface) of its own, as he mentioned while responding to a Twitter user asking if Mantle would ever come to PS4:

PS4 graphics API is good as well, we don’t need Mantle on PS4.

Andersson also had a very interesting chat with Naughty Dog’s ICE Team’s Cort Stratton, comparing the PS3’s SPUs (the Synergistic Processing Unit of the Cell) with the PS4’s ACEs (Asynchronous Compute Engines).

Stratton mentioned that some programmers really miss the Cell’s architecture, probably referring to low-level engine programmers that tend to like that kind of tech.

To a certain type of programmer, SPUs are raw delight in silicon form. We miss them. We ache for them.

Andersson responded with shared nostalgia, but didn’t count out the PS4’s ACEs.

Won’t be the same as the good ol’ SPUs : ( but ACE is something at least.

It’s worth mentioning that they most probably aren’t talking about power, as much as about how interesting it is to work with the two technologies.

While it’s nice to know that the PS4 is good on its own, I wonder if I’m the only one wondering on what kind of results could have been achieved by the application of Mantle to Sony’s new console. While I’m not sure if it’d even be possible, the perspective was definitely intriguing.

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