11 bit studios Confirms Console Versions of Frostpunk in Development; Could Come Later This Year

Developer 11 bit studios provided more detail that Frostpunk does seem bound for consoles eventually, though a Switch release is uncertain.

April 8, 2018

Known for their harrowing games like This War of Mine driven by players’ decisions and moral choices, developer 11 bit studios is bringing players one of their biggest games yet with the upcoming Frostpunk later this month, and the PC title may be on the horizon for console players.

During PAX East 2018, we had the chance to speak to 11 bit studios Senior Marketing Manager Karol Zajaczkowski for more about the game ahead of its upcoming release on PC this month.

When asked about the potential for the game to arrive on consoles, Zajaczkowski did say that the studio is “working on the console version at the moment,” though Zajaczkowski didn’t give a specific timeframe or release window other than that the game could arrive for consoles “by the end of the year.”


Zajaczkowski elaborated that given that the title is a bit more well-suited towards keyboard and mouse controls, the studio is currently taking the time to adapt the controls and wants to “make 100% sure that when you play Frostpunk on consoles that you are struggling with the challenges from the game and not the challenges coming from the controller.”

Right now, the game appears to be in development for PS4 and Xbox One according to Zajaczkowski, and though he said that the studio doesn’t have specific details just yet for the console version, they are “looking into it” and that both platforms are planned for its console release.

When asked about the Nintendo Switch, Zajaczkowski said that the studio is uncertain on the potential of bringing the game to the system due to its different hardware capabilities than PC or PS4/Xbox One. Specifically, Zajaczkowski stated that the studio has to “check if it is possible to run it at the proper quality.” While he didn’t say no to the game coming to the Switch, he did say that PS4 and Xbox One are the “priority” for the studio at this time.

Frostpunk will release for PC on April 24th, 2018. Stay tuned for our upcoming full interview with Karol Zajaczkowski for more information and insight into the frozen survival game.

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