Frostpunk Gets a New Trailer Highlighting its Eleven Most Important Features

Frostpunk is hitting PC next week, so 11bit Studios released a new trailer that goes over the game's eleven most important features.

on April 18, 2018 10:21 AM

Next week, 11 bit Studios will release finally be releasing their unique city-building sim Frostpunk on PC. Today, the developer released a new trailer highlighting eleven of the game’s most important features, just like they did last year with Tower 57.

For those of you who don’t know, in Frostpunk, players are trying to survive and run a steam-powered city. As one of the last bastions of humanity, there are several tough decisions to be made. In order to develop the city and create new societal laws, players will work their way down a large technology tree, which will give players access to several new buldings.

Distributing heat is an important factor of Frostpunk, as people will start dying if things get too cold. While managing one’s city is important, players can also explore the harsh “Frostland”  by sending expeditions to find intel and supplies. All these features are delved into in this newest trailer, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you are interested in the game.

You can check out the new trailer below. Frostpunk will release on PC on April 24. If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out our recent preview and interview with the developers.

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