This War of Mine Developer Reveals Frostpunk's Gameplay in New Screenshots

Check out Frostpunk's frozen-world, steam-powered machines, and difficult choices in new screenshots unveiling its gameplay.

In August 2016, developer 11 bit Studios — who you may recognize as the team behind This War of Mine — announced its new game: a frozen, survival city-builder called Frostpunk. Fast-forward to today, and the developer has finally revealed the game’s gameplay via some new screenshots.

At its core Frostpunk is a city-builder. In it, you player as a leader of a steam-powered city, the last bastion of humanity, in a completely frozen world. Throughout the game you will expand a city using the endless expanse of ice around you as fuel for your steam-powered machines. You will oversee your society, manage resources, and make difficult, ambiguous choices — just like This War of Mine. One of the main themes of the game is said to be the exploration of what people are capable of when pushed to the limits.

According to 11 bit Studios, Frostpunk will not shy away from the grim, will never have simple tasks and solutions, and will be a much bigger game than This War of Mine, with 60 people working on it opposed to This War of Mine’s 12.

As for the new screenshots, they show off not only the look of the game, but reveal some interesting gameplay tidbits. For one, we see a screen that shows what passing laws looks like. We also see some screens showing off the user-interface and some type of blue Hope and red Discontent sliding meters that appear to presumably be in relation to how hopeful or discontent your society is.

Frostpunk is scheduled to hit PC sometime later this year. At the moment of writing this, console versions are still up in the air. Below, you can check out the new screenshots, courtesy of Eurogamer.

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