Frostpunk Receives Difficult Survivor Mode in 1.1.0 Update

Frostpunk Receives Difficult Survivor Mode in 1.1.0 Update

11bit Studios has added an extremely difficult Survivor mode to Frostpunk on PC today via the 1.1.0 update.

Ever since the game’s release in April, developer 11 bit Studios has been diligently working on new content updates for their city management and survival game Frostpunk. Today, the game’s 1.1.0 update released, and its adds a Survivor Mode.

This new mode will become available to players who beat Frostpunk on its hardest difficulty. The first radical change this mode introduces is the removal of an active pause. The only way to pause Frostpunk in Survivor mode is by opening a menu. Additionally, the game only saves when the player exits from the game, which gives even more weight to every decision.

In general, this mode is even tougher than on the Hard difficulty, so players will have to work hard in order to keep both their citizens and city’s economy in check. To activate Survivor Mode, players just have to toggle a switch in the customization menu after beating hard mode.

While this mode may be too difficult for some, it should definitely please the game’s hardcore community, and is only the first major update in a long 2018 content roadmap.

You can check out a new video where the game’s developers go over this new mode. Frostpunk is currently available for PC, though 11 bit Studios is bringing the game to other platforms.