The Frostrune Embraces Norse Mythology and Adventure in Launch Trailer

Norwegian developer Grimnir Media are paying homage to their country’s history with their game, The Frostrune. The classic point-and-click adventure game is set in the age of the Vikings and contains a lot of elements that try to stay as true as possible to their history. The game recently released for PC/Mac on Steam and on the different app stores for mobile devices.

The story concerns a sole survivor of a shipwreck. They find themselves on an island that was recently inhabited but now stands eerily quiet. The settlement was vacated in a panic and it may have to do with the ancient runes and burial grounds in the thick forest nearby.

The Frostrune contains puzzles built around Norse mythology and imagery. The backgrounds are all hand-painted and the all important relics found within are based off of archaeological sources. The game also includes Old Norse being spoken.

Other highlights from Grimnir Media’s talent are:

  • Rich Story – The Frostrune embraces the Nordic tradition of storytelling: One filled with magic, myth and wonder common in Viking lore.
  • Hand-Painted Art – Beautiful, hand-painted art and an original Viking age themed soundtrack bring the The Frostrune’s desolate Norse landscape to life.
  • Challenging Puzzles – Through exploring the rich environment, you will unravel the mystery of the deserted island. Use the objects that you collect to solve puzzles on your journey of discovery.
  • Culturally & Historically Accurate – An authentic Norse environment where elements from myths and folklore come alive. Old Norse speech with subtitles. All objects faithfully recreated from archaeological sources.

The game retails for $9.99 USD on Steam but if you purchase it before February 9th, you save an extra 10%. The game is also available on the iTunes app store and Google Play for $4.99 USD and $6.49 USD respectively.

The game honestly looks gorgeous, especially the backgrounds, and the team’s attention to historical detail is very impressive. Hopefully the tale is as rich as the other elements of the game.

The launch trailer for The Frostrune is available below:

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Leif Conti-Groome

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