Frozen Synapse 2 Finally Gets a Release Window and Launching in August

Although Mode 7 has yet to set a date, the long-awaited indie strategy game Frozen Synapse 2 looks to hit our screens in August

Mode 7 Games has announced a release window for the sequel to Frozen Synapse. The steam community can now breathe a sigh of relief at this news, or at least make them argue slightly less about it. Frozen Synapse 2 is currently undergoing final bug and balance testing, as well as the last beta round for gameplay purposes and Mode 7 Games has stated that they will hold it back if there are any significant issues but they don’t anticipate anything at the moment.

Mode 7 accompanied the press release with a statement:

Frozen Synapse 2 is the culmination of everything we’ve done since we started Mode 7.  It’s got a proven tactical core with a big, systemic strategic overworld and I hope this gameplay video presents an honest, full depiction of the scope we’ve managed to achieve.  We’re being very open about the nature of the game because we truly believe there’s enough in there for the content to stand on its own.  If people don’t like this we’re probably going to quit and start an alpaca farm instead.

We’re desperate to get anyone who enjoyed the first game to check it out, as well as anyone who is interested in large-scale strategy games – it’s incredibly hard for any indie game to reach an audience these days, so wishlisting it on Steam would make a big difference to us.  We have big plans to continue working on the game after launch, so we really hope it gains the traction we need to do that.”

In their brand new preview video, you can watch as the developers lose to one of the worst units in the game because they forgot it was carrying a gun, perform a daring raid on an enemy base and then forget to look for money while they’re there and casually hand over powerful artefacts to militant religious extremists and get themselves into debt repeatedly!

Check out the brand new video in question below:


Frozen Synapse 2 will be launching in August 2018 on Linux, macOS, and Windows

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