Frozen Synapse, Frozen Cortex, and The Last Federation Strategically Invade Humble Weekly Bundle

on February 4, 2016 2:41 PM

This week’s Humble Weekly Bundle, Make Your Move, features a nice crop of strategy games. While many of the previous bundles have been following a formula showcasing one developer’s games, this one is more eclectic.

At the $1 Tier, players nets Frozen SynapseFrozen CortexLux Delux, and Shattered Planet. Throwing some more value to the list, you also get the soundtracks for all of the prior titles, less Lux Delux.

Meanwhile, at the $4.73 (at the time of writing) Tier, backers can get all the prior games as well as The Last Federation (with “Betrayed Hope” DLC) and Reassembly. On top of that you get The Last Federation’s soundtrack.

If you go to the $15 tier, players pick up the previous games alongside Chaos Reborn and Big Pharma.

If you are interested in picking up one of these deals in support of The Able Gamers Foundation, check out the Weekly Humble Bundle page.

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