Frying Pan = Good Time?

By Al Zamora

November 5, 2009

At times you play a video game for the compelling and deep thought out story. Other times you play to level up your character or unravel a mystery that will lead you to an epic discovery to save the universe. Sometimes you just play for the utter joy to strike zombies in the face with a frying pan! yes I said it, mind numbing happiness of a blunt object striking an undead person running towards you.

I just finished playing the Left 4 Dead 2 demo in a coop campaign with Joel and while in the Parish mission I made a gleeful discovery. A shiny frying pan waiting for me on a table begging to be used on the skulls of all non-survivors! I ran up to the door as the level began with my frying pan in hand (I am sure it is coated with Teflon as the blood never stays) I started striking the zombies through the door, which I find both satisfying and physically impossible, but the fun was yet to begin. I literally told Joel of my utter excitement to have found the frying pan to which he counted down and then opened the door as if to unleash me like a rabid dog. I quickly barreled through the door and began striking furiously at the undead as if they owed me money and with every bloody thud a smile came to my face.

Something about the simple blunt forced violence brought me joy and provided me with a whole new experience in Left 4 Dead. There was nothing more simple than using the frying pan but it was instantly my favorite thing to do. For that moment of time I ran from enemy to enemy yelling “El Kabong” and enjoyed this one simple pleasure. It was raw, it was basic and it was great. Sometimes gaming is just that somehting that brings you great joy unexplainable to some but making perfect sense to your inner child.

I highly recommend grabbing the demo for Left 4 Dead 2 and the usage of frying pans as both stress relief and a good time, that is all.

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Al Zamora

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