FTL: Faster Than Light Becomes One of My Most Anticipated Games for 2012

January 15, 2012

While there are several games I am looking forward to playing in 2012, I know pretty much what I am getting with them.  This is not a criticism, as for the most part, franchises exist because we enjoyed the first game enough to get a second one.  Mass Effect 3, SSX and many of the other games I’m looking forward to are expansions or revivals of previous games. This week however, I was blindsided when I stumbled upon a little indie game currently in pre-alpha status that looks amazing.

The game is simply called FTL and is described on the developer’s website as a “space-sim, real-time roguelike-like. ” That is a combination of genres that sounds insane, but from the looks of the game from the trailer, might prove to be insanely fun. It is being developed by two people, Matthew Davis and Justin Ma and the website states that they hope to release the game in mid-2012. In the game, you control a ship called the Kestrel and must participate in some seriously strategic combat, determining which systems and parts of other ships to fire upon while avoiding space-born hazards (such as solar flairs) and managing your own ship and its crew. In addition to the combat, you will also encounter random events.

While not too much else is really known about FTL, it looks like it is shaping up to be an indie with an excellent amount of depth. It certainly does not look easy, but it does look like it has the potential to a lot of fun. I’ve made no secret of my love for the classical top-down space-sim, and our very own John Colaw has more than vouched for his enjoyment of rogue-likes, so this game has really caught our attention and we’ll be keeping our eyes on it when it gets out of pre-alpha status and finds its way onto PC, Mac and Linux hopefully later this year.


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