Meditative Bird Sim Fugl Launches on PC and Mac via Early Access This September

Meditative Bird Sim Fugl Launches on PC and Mac via Early Access This September

Relax and take in the voxel views as your soar the skies this September on PC and Mac with Fugl.

Developer Team Fugl and publisher Kotori Studios has announced that its meditative bird simulation game, Fugl, is poised to finally makes its Early Access debut this September 14th via Steam for PC and Mac. The game is also being developed for mobile devices and VR, though there is no word when the game will hit either of those platforms.

Fugl is described as a meditative free roaming game that lets you discover “unspoiled beauty and secrets of the world” through the air at your own pace. The game’s world is said to a be a “vast and unique voxel playground” that offers up diverse areas to explore via carefully crafted procedural generation. Such places to explore include, tropical beaches, old forest, snowy mountains, and endless deserts.

Further, each environment provides a home for diverse wildlife with hundreds of animals (including rare mythical creatures) to find from the sky. Spending time with these other animals will grant your bird the ability to take on new visual characteristics and flying behaviors inspired by them.

Lastly, you can give the world of Fugl its own creative touch by personalizing it via a level editor and bird customization.

Fugl is currently in the alpha stage of development, meaning new features and performance updates based off player feedback will constantly be coming through. Here’s a breakdown of features already in the game’s Alpha version up alongside a roadmap of the game towards a final release:

Features in the Alpha version:

  • Freely control a bird and enjoy the thrill of flying
  • Experience meditative and task free gameplay at your own pacSink into the beautiful voxel art style
  • Discover the vast carefully crafted worl
  • Explore 10 varied areas – from tropical beaches to snowy mountains and alien world
  • Take on new visual characteristics and flying behaviours inspired by other animals
  • Make your own custom bird in the avatar edito
  • Shape your personal world with the level creato
  • Enjoy the relaxing soundtrack created with the sounds and ambience of natur
  • Receive regular content updates throughout the Early Access, including new areas, new animals and new features


The Feeling Of Being A Bird

  • Just as there are many different types of birds, we’d like to be able to support many different ways of enjoying life as a bird in Fugl. Some are looking for a more chilled experienced, and some for a frantic challenging experience. We are working on ways to support different modes of play.
  • Birds can do more than just glide on the winds, break, speed up or hop on the ground and we want to support as many special manoeuvres and abilities as we can!
  • Fugl is not the only living thing in the world. We want the wildlife to be able to influence you, and you to influence them!

A Living World
The animals in Fugl are really important for providing a sense of life, interaction and immersion in the world.

  • Improved Ai For the Animals
  • Better Physics For the Animals
  • Faster and improved spatial distribution of animals in the world
  • More animations

Environments & Level editor

  • Steam Workshop integration for the level editor
  • Support for more procedurally generated environments

Rendering, Hardware and Platforms

  • Linux Support
  • We are old-school so we are still looking to improve performance and reduce memory requirements wherever we can!
  • We still have a few rendering tricks up our sleeve that we are working on


  • Support More Languages

It’s currently unclear how much Fugl will cost when it launches. Below, you can view the game’s latest trailer: